by Hospital Smokers



recorded by Alec at Wildnut Studio in Durham.


released February 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Hospital Smokers North Carolina

These tracks recorded with
Reid Johnson
Maria Albani
Alec Ferrell

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Track Name: Halfway House
I can't tell you anything at all.
You're a tightrope walker & I'm waiting for you to fall.
It's like the love you have is a weakness.

I can't follow you when you call;
I remember all those hounds that chased you down,
just to get stuck in your little foxhole.
The sounds of claws digging through the streets.

You can have dreams of your halfway house,
you can just say you were fucking around.
You can throw stones at your neighbor's door,
but baby, be careful; they can't take much more.

It's like the love you had for a weekend.
Track Name: Council in a Corner
I'm not keeping any secrets, I'm just keeping things discreet.
I'm a council in a city with no memory.
& I'm so glad you came unraveled, for you came & found your feet,
& the past that we both fought for didn't mean shit.

It's not you that can't be trusted, & it's not you that cannot speak;
it's not friends that are more traveled that we're trying to find here.
& I'm so glad you had this party and the alcohol ran deep;
so we can run away from all this shit that has no fucking meaning.

Alabaster is some symbol that we forgot is fucking weak,
so we can put it with the gavel that I pound upon your feet.
& I ain't losing any battle, & I ain't trying to lose my keep;
I'm a council in a corner that moves carefully.

Save the salt & pass it on to me.
Grow your own & love the enemies you see.
Track Name: Heaven Across the Water
Heaven across the water.
I spent all these years
driving through this place,
never knowing where to go,
or who I’d have to face.
Oh, meet me on the grounds,
sound side, and in haste.
Far enough to figure we'd have chased.
Some of us have drowned,
and some have went away,
and some we never really had,
but we found anyway.
Oh, keep me in this world,
bind me to this day;
take me anywhere that I can stay.
Meet me & take me, anywhere.
I want this fever to stay.
Meet me & take me anywhere at all.
Heaven across the water.